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About Me

Chef Chadi Zeitouni born in Lebanon in 1970, is a Lebanese-Italian Celebrity Chef, TV personality, restaurateur, and entrepreneur.

He Continued his studies in Italy where he obtained a degree in hotel management and marketing, and it’s where he got his passion for Italian cuisine, he worked in the most famous and known hotel and restaurants, as well his first debut was on the Italian TV.

In 2000 he moved back to his beloved country Lebanon, where he continued his career in the most prestigious hotels and restaurant as well presented the most successful cooking shows on various Arabic TV channels.

Lately Chef Chadi is producing his own TV shows, and cooking videos for his you tube channel

Chef Chadi is known and loved for his unique character, he is very Funny, Interactive and creative, All his programs gained an excellent vital mood of cooking, and showed a wonderful sense of humor, while watching any episode you can hear his catching words 

 بتعقد, بتجنن” ,” احبائي, ولا اطيب من هيك, الف صحتين

Chef Chadi has his own company “10 OVER 10” for food development and consultancy.

10 over 10 opened, renewed restaurant and hotels in different countries
(Lebanon, KSA , UAE , Irak , Canada , Spain , USA ….)

Chef Chadi is distinguished by the twist and the fusion of different cuisine’s that he uses while creating new recipes, spices, marination, and sauces, this is a very important trait  that collaborated in his success.

10 over 10 is specialized in:

  • Developing new food concepts.
  • Producing cooking shows.
  • Creating menu & food cost
  • Offering training courses
  • F & B Market Positioning
  • Food mobile video application
  • Organizing Food promotion …
  • Video & food photography (culinary studio)
  • Restaurant makeover
  • Full branding
  • Kitchen & Back of the House Design & Operations
  • Menu Execution and Tasting.
  • Recipe Standardization, Menu and Mise-En-Place Training
  • Human Resources: Interviewing, Recruiting, Scheduling
  • Employees Capability Building.

Chef Chadi Said :

I made this website, where all Chefs and cooking lovers can share videos and enjoy cooking experience in a very easy way, I hope you will love it, and you can contact me anytime, if you need any help or you have any questions, I am always glad to be of any assistance.