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Chef Chadi Zeitouni
Executive Chef, Restaurateur, Food event specialist, Television personality.
Chadi,inherited his cooking talent from his parents who were the first to introduce him to the art of cooking. This had place during his teenage when he started working with both parents, Jacqueline & Emile, in theirs mall authentic restaurant located in the mountain side of the beautiful Lebanese village, Kobayat.
After graduating from high school, he traveled to Italy to acquire a degree as a professional chef. The reputable cooking school at Trieste was his first destination where he achieved study and earned a degree. Pursuing his studies, he received an honorary marketing and sales degree from the I.R.FO.P of FriuliVenezia Julia.
Chadi practiced for many years the art of the Cucina Italiana and the international kitchen, and he received accolades and awards for his culinary expertise, and was the Italian chef in the prestigious intercontinental hotel -Beirut.
Chadi was selected by mbc 1 TV channel among 35 chefs who competed in a live TV cooking show. Chadi is constantly traveling and presenting many important culinary events and was also selected to be the jury of the most important cooking competition around the Arabic gulf, and recently in Horeca Exebination.
Chadi`s funny character and interactive attitude while cooking made him asuccessful Arabic TV personality. Hosting cooking shows on the most watched Arabic TV channels, he proved a unique creativity, which added to his funnyinterpretation, gained all his shows an excellent vital mood of cooking.
Chadi also joined the famous TV channel mbc 1 hosting many successful shows, Mabade ma baaref etboukh, Wahad tnen tlete etboukh, Al Tabekh maa al Fananin, Al Tabekh maa Mama...
Chadi hosted a wide-ranged trip cooking show Dayman Aamreen fi roubouaa al Sudan, for the Sudan and blue Nile TV, Dayman Aamreen fi baytkon and Soha wouSahtein.
Chadi hosted too a healthy cooking show and kid`s meals, and continues to spice up most events and festivals with his live cookery demonstration and competition shows and his wonderful sense of humor.

Chadi is now presenting daily a very successful Live Cooking Show (W RachetMeleh) Aalam Al Matbakh before on the greatest Lebanese FutureTV, the program has thousands of viewers from all over the world, and itsfamous by the live phone calls interaction between Chadi and his viewers.

Chadi is presenting the first radio cooking show in Lebanon ďAl Balad 3achra 3ala3achraĒ daily on Al Balad Radio Station 106.5 FM, the program is based on sharing recipes, cooking tips, nutrition information, calls with food & nutrition experts and live phone calls interaction between Chadi and his listeners, with a musical ambiance.

Chadi presentedhis authentic dishes for VIP guests, in Layle l Sahra Aana, that wasbroadcasted in Ramadan 2011 and continued after Ramadan every Sundays night onFuture TV.

Chadiís fans has a page Aalam al Matbakh on Facebook were all the recipes,photos and videos are posted daily. the page have now more than 200000 fans, and they can interact together about culinary life.

Chadi has three beautiful kids Michelle, Gayelle & Emile, he owns Allagrande company in Lebanon and he is building a beautiful motel, pub and restaurant where his father`s restaurant was sited, at the time, in his villagetown Morghan- Kobayat.

Enjoy tasty meals and tasty life
Best Regards
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